How to Create an Online Course that Excites Your Audience into a "TAKE MY MONEY!" Frenzy

(even if you don't have a hot clue where to start and worry you're not an "expert")

Ready to stop just “toying around” with the idea of creating passive income courses and finally MAKE IT HAPPEN so you can have the time, location and financial freedom you’ve been daydreaming about?

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  • The super stealth way to guarantee you have a money makin' topic BEFORE you create your course (even if you don't have an audience yet) 

  • How to stand out and be THE choice even when your (totally intimidating) competition has an offer similar to yours

  • The three critical elements of a take-it-to-the-bank course -- miss just one and you'll be stuck on the struggle bus

  • My 5 Point Email Sequence strategy to pamper and not pressure your peeps so all they want is MORE from you.

  • The launch funnel “kinks in the hose” that make it difficult for people to buy from you (gah!)

Snag your spot TODAY and I'll also send you my Course Profits Workbook so you can walk away with a complete plan ripe for implementing

Well hello! I'm Colleen :-) I have my PhD in Psychology and spent years teaching at the university level. I'm obsessed with helping entrepreneurs just like you create profitable online businesses using simple, systematic methods rooted in real human psychology.


My research and work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, Psychology Today and more.


After building (and selling) a multiple six figure e-commerce company, I now support my clients to create and launch online courses that sell 'round the clock so they can massively scale their impact and income.


Colleen Arneil
PhD Psychology


Are you ready to stop running in circles & instead have customers start running to you?


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