Mindset & Manifestation Mastery to Rapidly Become a Top Level Earner while feeling calm, confident and fulfilled

  • Sell out your offers and create an impactful legacy

  • Squash self doubt & confidently charge what you want

  • Earn big while you live life on your terms

  • Sell out your offers and create an impactful legacy

  • Squash self doubt & confidently charge what you want

  • Earn big while you live life on your terms

Do you find yourself stuck in a rut at the same income level no matter what you do? 

  • Are you frustrated and bitter that you can't seem to earn what you want? 

  • Tired of worrying about having enough money to do what you want?

  • Envious that others seem to be able to earn more with ease?

  • Does raising your rates make you feel uncomfortable / guilty / nauseous?

  • Does hearing about your competition send you into a tail spin of self doubt?

  • Have you tried countless self help approaches but you're still waiting for the $$ to show?

Money Mindset Reboot will take you from chronic under-earner to a limitless money magnet creating an impactful legacy.


Are You Ready to Finally Stop Worrying About Money?






Earn more, charge more, HAVE more because you're comfortable receiving and know you deserve it all. Remove all income ceilings so your bank balance skyrockets.



Ditch all the confusion (and envy) about why the competition is killing it. Finally have the confidence to take action without second guessing your every move.


Accelerate the manifestation process by reprogramming your mindset and energy to your highest, most vibrant self. No fluff, pure results.


When you have money in the bank, you can create the life you want, the way you want.


And you don’t have to live by anyone else’s rules.
Does it get better than that?


Well hello! I'm Colleen Arneil. I have my PhD in Psychology and I'm your Money Mindset & Goal Achievement Mentor :-)


Most entrepreneurs feel frustrated and discouraged because they keep banging their head on an income ceiling.


I remember when I started out in my biz I felt like I was doing everything "right" yet no matter what I did, there was never money left to pay myself at the end of the month.


I felt so much shame and embarrassment... and I didn't understand how I could have been so successful academically but when it came it working for myself I was a disaster.

Everything turned around when I finally realized the issue wasn't WHAT I was doing, it was simply that my mindset and energy were not aligned with earning well.


To become a top level earner, I knew that had to change. I took all my focus off of the biz strategy and "trying" to make things happen and doubled down on reprogramming my mindset and energy for abundance. 


Within a month I went from scraping by to having a multi 5 figure month and have gone up, up, up from there.


Drawing on my PhD in Psych I have developed an innovative step by step system to help you embrace your inner rich self and leave all your money worries behind. Ready to earn big, consistently, with ease?


My online business had its best-ever revenue month, by a landslide. I raised my consulting rates, yet I've had more clients this month than in any previous month. This is beyond my wildest dreams.

Jen Michaels


I've since doubled my rates and was able to take a month off and went to Florida and stayed in a gorgeous waterfront apartment.

Lynn Doak


Since Money Mindset Reboot, everything has changed. I even launched a new course and made $20,000 in a single weekendI know the clients will show up month after month. I hired a housekeeper. I bought a new car. I didn't think it was possible.

Kelli Mitchell

What Makes Money Mindset Reboot Different?




We dive DEEP. My students constantly say they’ve never gone this deep before.

And that’s where you need to go to get results like they get. Because most of the beliefs and blocks holding you back aren’t in your conscious awareness.

With my PhD in Psychology and oodles of experience clinically I know how to guide you to uncover what’s really holding you back so you create massive transformation #luckyyou



Most approaches give you *pieces* of what you need here and there, but don’t integrate it in a way that is necessary to support big money wins on #Repeat.


In other words, they fall short of being a complete system. And we all know what happens when you leave an ingredient like eggs or sugar out of a Brownie recipe... yuck!


My signature mindset & energy system is why this program has repeatedly taken students from broke to 5k months to multiple 5 figure months and beyond. And it’s possible for YOU too.



Blending neuroscience with energy work, I teach you how to get mega traction even if you have felt let down in the past.


If you've come up short it’s not you… unfortunately many manifesting techniques are taught in a way that keeps you MORE stuck instead of breaking through to the next level.


If you're not bringing in the $$$ the way you want, it’s that no one taught you HOW to unlock the power of reprogramming your mindset and energy in a way that actually WORKS.


Want More Details about the Program Content?

  • VIDEO TRAININGS   Immediately unlock 6 power-packed training modules full of bite-sized videos that detail how to step into the mindset and energy of a 7 figure earner

  • ZERO GUESSWORK WORKSHEETS  Follow the detailed action steps and exercises so you align with earning a ton of money, quickly

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Lifetime Access to Content

  • Instant Access + Work at Your Own Pace




  • The exact Power Manifesting model that will align you to magnetize more cash than ever before
  • Uncover what you *really* want out of your business & life, and how to ensure it shows up how YOU desire
  • The surprising wing woman you have by your side and how to leverage her to manifest more, faster


  • The 4 key steps to handle any crummy stuff that happens so your vibe stays HIGH and positive 
  • How to stop feeling like life happens to you and regain your power
  • What to focus on instead of gratitude to unleash faster ease & flow
  • How to energetically EMBODY having money (miss this and your reality won’t shift)


  • Find out once and for all why others are earning more than you (discovering this will change the way you think about money, asap)
  • Become in control of your financial reality by sleuthing around FBI style to expose your money beliefs & inner critics 
  • Follow my deep diving custom process that will reveal your personal money blueprint story in a vivid way (no more hiding from the truth, y’all)



  • Discover solid, clinically-supported strategies for letting those money blocks go (you're gonna need a bigger wallet after this week)
  • Slay your beliefs and blocks using a multi-targeted approach that will also program new beliefs to support you soaring to a new level
  • Plus discover why positive affirmations can do more *harm* than good and what you need to do instead (so you win, not your negative beliefs)



  • How to handle the fear and overwhelm that crops up when you venture out of your comfort zone

  • The two types of action and how to consistently stay in money magnetizing action

  • How to meet the version of you that IS comfy with money and become BFFs so you become wealth and prosperous ASAP

  • The critical mistake that people make when things start manifesting (do it and your manifesting will screech to a halt, gah)


  • The hidden step by step walk through on how to actually SPEED up your manifestations so you get what you want, faster
  • How to surrender and TRUST what you want is on its way even though you’re worried it might not happen for you
  • Turbocharge your results by understanding how to release your past so you actually create a NEW reality (adios Income Loop!)



After MMR and following the practices everyday for a month I had my BIGGEST WEEK ever. I pulled in over $3500 in one week! My personal value and self worth has greatly improved. ​

Angela Anderson






Take an in-depth assessment to discover what's holding you back from getting comfy with way more cash in your life. #EyeOpening 
Then I'll show you how to shift 'em to call in the cash



These money scripts are designed to target the BIGGEST money blocks that torpedo your manifesting mojo. Use them to release and reprogram new beliefs that call in cash.


It's time to stop feeling apologetic for earning in exchange for your gifts. Dive into an assessment to discover the hidden beliefs holding you back from owning your rates so customers show up ready to happily pay you! Plus, how to nail the perfect price every time for your offers.




✔️Complete Money Mindset Reboot System (videos and workbooks)


✔️Instant, Lifetime access (work at your pace)





    ✔️Complete Money Mindset Reboot System (videos and workbooks)


    ✔️Instant, Lifetime access (work at your pace)


    ✔️BONUS: 3 Months of Live Group Coaching Calls 
    (6 months with single payment option)


    ✔️BONUS: Exclusive Facebook Group access


    ✔️BONUS: Money Flow Vault (powerful resources & tools to earn more, faster)



      Since MMR I am now making my monthly goals and am working less than before! I have also expanded my business with increased confidence. I no longer worry about where money will come from and am earning more every single month.

      Lori Ann Davis


      I reached my income goal within the first 10 days of January, 6 months ahead of schedule! This was a very pleasant surprise! 

      Yvanne Gagnon



      I have felt a huge shift since taking this course and have already received some unexpected clients and also people thanking me randomly for what I do and telling me I make a difference to them.

      Sarah L.

      Take your transformation to the next level with my personal feedback during live group support calls at the Accelerator Level!


      The calls are held once per month and a call schedule is posted inside the members area.


      If you cannot make a live call for any reason that is no problem - simply submit your Qs ahead of time and I will cover it on the call.


      This program is for you if you've ever murmured these words to yourself:



      “Colleen, I’ve done A LOT of personal development work already… I *kinda* know this stuff.” 


      Yes, you’re a curious creature who reads the latest self-help books and articles. ← You're my kind of people.

      But if it was working for you, you wouldn't be here reading this.


      I teach a unique process that blends neuroscience and energy work together to get you rapidly earning more, with more ease.



      (This is how you score massive wins, repeatedly, like the students featured on this page.)



      In the last 12 months we took 3 amazing vacations to Mexico. We got a new Mercedes. My credit score has gone up by at least 100 points. I was surprised how easy it was for me to commit to & complete the exercises.

      Melissa Tucker

      Before I would have no income at all some weeks. Now for the last 6 months, even through a pregnancy with lots of sickness- I've found it easy to make between $1k - $2.5k a week working *really* flexible hours, from home - and only part time. And I've still made a significant impact for all my clients!

      Belinda Mazing

      Since working through the content I have doubled my services prices and doubled my income. I also started to attract more and more clients.  My clients are more committed and much happier with my services as well.

      Lena Stewart





      When does it start?

      How long do I have access to the material?

      What if I can’t make the live calls?

      What is the format of the course?

      Do you offer a guarantee?

      How long does it take to see results?


      If you have other questions, reach out anytime to hello@colleenarneil.com




      Your dreams, your desires, your wishes aren't random.



      And you wouldn't have them if they weren't possible to achieve.



      Think of what it would feel like to stop fretting about HOW to make everything happen and TRYING to make it happen and instead just surrender, following my step by step guidance to magnetizing money.



      It all starts with making a CHOICE.



      It's time to draw a line in the sand. To choose that you're no longer available for under-earning.


      OMG - already I am SO much more aware of the patterns/thoughts I was holding on to that made progress impossible. My fear of money is melting away.

      Fleur Romano



      BEWARE: Money Avalanche Ahead!

      If you're ready to step off the struggle bus and finally discover how to create a fulfilling life full of abundance, come join us!


      It's time to stop being stuck in The Income Loop and start shining and thriving as your authentic, abundant self.



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